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In August of 2008 (7-11), I went to Mexico City to find out more about the origin of Aerosolgrafia. On a subsequent trip in October (17-20) I was able to interview 5 of the key individuals.Next on July 16-21 of 2009 I went to Puerto Vallarta to learn more about Aeropintura.I will go to New Orleans in August of 2009. I intend to release various videos in '09 using the footage I collect over the next 5 months. The working title of the longer more complete version is "Aersolgrafia: The Origin of Canned Spray Art out of Mexico"
Aerosografia: The Origen of Canned Spray Paint Art out of Mexico
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Finally making some progreess.
Listening to and watching the videos again and again
I was in Puerto Vallarta in July 16-21. I plan to be in New Orleans in August this summer.

I paint at 6th St.& Red River or 5th & Congress in Austin to raise more funds for the endeavor.

Thanks for all the support.
December is the new goal for wrapping up shooting on "Aerosolgrafia: The Origin of Canned Spray Art out of Mexico"