Upon completion of the documentary a foundation will be established to provide support to those who founded the school of art known as Aerosografia in Mexico City in the early '80s.
Currently 5 painters have contributed their interview to the project.
 All proceeds from the sales of the documentry "Aerosolgrafia: El origen en Mexico del arte de pintura de bote" will be contributed to the fund. Each year those individuals who participated in the making of the DVD will receive a check for 10% of the yearly interest generated by the Foundation.

Donations to assist in the creation of the
documentary are now being accepted.
Contribute $5
Other Amount
I am asking for donations to continue work on the documentary entitled
"Aerosolgrafia: El origen en Mexico de la pintura de bote"
I have currently invested more then $4000 in this project and estimate another $6000 will be spent before completion. I would like to enter the finished work in the SXSW film festival in 2010.